Who We Are


Alce feels free navigating the rivers of the world, vertiginous and open way of understanding and learning from our environment. The search for more efficient productive processes and the need to transmit adventure and color allows us to define ourselves as passionate about life; the vocation of constant learning, as open to change. The humility of knowing that we know little feeds the innovative vocation. And the desire to do more with less reinforces the will to innovate without losing the essence of our roots.



Shoes for open-minded people


The human being, his freedom, well-being and desire to improve is a central river through which our values flow.

Diversión y autenticidad

Nuestro calzado es perfecto para gente de mente abierta, cómoda con los colores y las combinaciones divertidas; sin miedo a mostrar su personalidad y conectar con los demás a lo largo de los ríos de la vida.

Fun and authenticity

Our shoes are perfect for open-minded people, for those who feel comfortable with colors and fun combinations. People that don´t feel afraid of showing their personality and to connect with others along the rivers of life.


Our rivers are full of adventure; love for the unknown and respect for nature. Surprise and mystery encourage us to follow the course of our lives with hope and optimism.


Learning is our passion. Surfing more and better; serving efficiently our customers; manufacturing with growing quality. We want to arrive beyond without losing the essence that gave us life. To end up in a delta full of experiences is our dream.


Aprender es nuestra pasión. Navegar más y mejor; servir con eficacia a nuestros clientes; fabricar cada vez con más calidad. Llegar cada vez más lejos sin perder la esencia que nos dio la vida. Desembocar en un delta repleto de experiencias es nuestro sueño.


Alce aspires to take care of the feet of those who trust in their shoes when navigating the rivers of life. Walking well is living well. If you leave your feet in our hands, we will not disappoint you.

Innovation and tradition 

Innovation is essential. Both in design and production, as well as in the efficient management of our resources, navigation requires paying attention to the details that will make us better. To innovate we always start from our roots, which we cannot and do not want to renounce.

Innovación y tradición

El ser humano, su libertad, bienestar y deseo de mejorar es un rio central por el que transcurren nuestros valores.

More with lees: Responsability

Returning to society what this has given us is part of our philosophy. And manufacturing saving energy and raw materials is the natural consequence of our desire to improve and learn. The river of life is grateful to those who care for the moments and unique experiences that flow through its waters.

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